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So getting the outcomes from a website, IT or business project can be the difference between what you wanted and what you got.

When dealing with professionals you mostly trust what they say, and for the most part they will do 90-100% of what was asked, but you might notice this is only 70-80% of what you need.

And then later find out that others advise you should have done “X” to get what you wanted, so in hing-site have ended up with 50% of the intended outcome.Website-Design-new-mcw62qvkkid732kc5zwtq0c60vv07btatfo02tt6y2

If you start with the best people the results may well be much higher, but rarely 100%.

So what can make the difference in your projects, we have a few ideas and will share what we can and tell you the “Best Practice” in these matters.

A well informed client can and will demand a higher standard as they understand much more about the proposed project outcomes.

Insights – this is more about knowledge that will add value to the project in many ways.

 a) Consult with 2-3 experts prior to sitting down with your proposed experts/consultants

 b) Google – internet research can provide supporting information (not the whole story)

c) Look and talk with other in your industry, check with them about what they did not get.

Dark chalkboard with a web design illustration.

Dark chalkboard with a web design illustration.

And use tools that can assist with the process of managing the project, document everything, ask questions and use the recommended applications that have proven useful.

2WORksmart has established a LEARN knowledge base, designed to provide and establish an understanding for any client looking to undertake a project with our group.

We asked experts to write and explain the key points that offer an access to how you objectives will be th priority.

As an example. you have a website project, need to understand the methods used for getting a great “Colour Palet”, “Layout”, “Content” etc, the designer team would usually request that you provide most of this.

learn.2worksmart.com has a number of courses setup to assist with the knowledge required, using a self-paced online tool, you make your way through a number of 3-5 minute lessons.

As you go through the key project elements your skill to get the outcomes will grow, understanding the language used, the cost and value you want from the final result.

Talk to our team and find out more about many of our tools and methods to manage your 100% result.

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