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The fast paced world that we call the Internet is often confused with the concept of Marketing. Our view is that anyone using the internet to store images and text (A Website) does so to make this information available.

Owning a website can become a strategic element in an overall Marketing Plan, you get the possible options to use the images and text to provide support to other marketing materials.

So a Website is a Storage Tool, knowing this you can not expect this to Market your Product or Service, it does not work for

Social media has also surfaced as a possible method for marketing, and again we point to the major issue with having your information in a stream that contains every message and image you have used with out a call to action.

How can you get the effect that one will tell many ?

It can be combined with other tools to provide support to a Marketing Plan. With this spark of information the owner of a website may start asking questions of the provider,

Q: How many Sales will this generate every day ?

The short answer if the provider is being honest is NONE.

The Marketing plan will look at the total amount of the asset and add this to the method used to encourage a prospect to come and view your Website.

We can conclude that All Websites are not developed to support selling and marketing, some will give the prospect the wrong impression and send them off to a competitor.

We can tell you that from the beginning of the Best Practise with they use a methodology that add’s value, sites ready to use, you add content and it’s Live in 72 hours.

With a popular system and in demand service they built a support agency to guarantee supply of high quality developers and designers, all sourced from a local pool and offer their services locally.


When we get the players to the table the first Action taken is to put together a Strategy via a Marketing Plan, this is managed in a Mind Map. Mind Mapping has become the norm in professional circles for Project Managers. The key to “Best Practice” in Mind Mapping is to Brainstorm every possible thought into the Map.

Once the Marketing Strategy is under development you look to combine the assets that will deliver the outcomes.


Looking to have thousands come running to your site, then you need to focus on Hundreds and Thousands of communications to encourage this, and to get this amount of traffic you need a NewsLetter system, managed by a Data solution. Ask us how.

To get people in action they need a reason to “CLICK”, what is the motivation for them to take a look. If we sample the audience that will be your clients we can find 5 major elements that will call them to ACTION.

They are embedded into the Marketing Strategy, then managed by the Call to Action in the media and content. Your “CLICK” through rate then goes through the ceiling and you get BUSY.

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What is My Designer Agency?

My-Designer.Agency is a collaboration of independent Designers, Developers, and Account Managers Supported by industry experts.

Our Agents receive unparalleled support and training, with access to communication, support and resources that were traditionally only available to large design agencies. Clients get professional work from local designers who have the support network to create and facilitate any job imaginable.

Designers get training, mentorship, support, resources, jobs, collaboration, communication tools, and more… from agency experts and account managers.

We are currently searching for agents who specialise in:my-designer-imac-angle

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