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We have created a phenomenal day designed to empower you into the future, you will meet new people and hear from young entrepreneurs that are already on the path building their businesses,  you will be able to ask them questions, we have giveaways for you to support you  moving forward in developing your business and profile in the marketplace.

About the workshop

” To say that life is busy is a bit of a no brainer, 
And to say that the demands on you can be overwhelming is also a bit of a no brainer”

So how do you manage it all

  •   Those expectations you have placed on yourself?
  •   The expectations that your friends and family have on you?
  •   The expectations you have for work, your career, your capacity to get it all done?

the study, the earning money, the developing that business idea, the catching up with friends and family and the having a relationship!

Its no wonder we wake up feeling unrested with another day and more demands coming our way before we have even gotten out of bed……..

What if you and everyone in your team stopped chasing time – that you never again have to use or listen to the excuse of;

“I run out of time” 

“I had too many other interruptions” 

“I was too busy to take care of that customer”


You and your team got things done!

All your customers are followed up on time!

You and your team went home each day satisfied and proud, not worried about work!

There is no question that the overall performance and growth of the business would follow. This is exactly what this workshop is all about.

During this workshop you will evolve into the kind of human that know exactly how to manage you time, have it all, be in control, perform and have fun along the way .


This workshop offers:
Simple Daily Methods of operating that gives you back OWNERSHIP of your time and OWNERSHIP of your life.

This is a hands on workshop where we present new concepts that reflect how to get on top of managing our lives for the 21st century, together with some good old fashioned practices presented in a fun yet very effective manner.

A blueprint for the future and best of all, the promise of a work life balance that is right for you and your business.

Some of what happens during the workshop is:

Each person does a mind map of everything they have to do in each area of their lives.

We then take each item and train you in how to create your diary in a way that is revolutionary, impacts your levels of productivity and elevates performance.

You will hear from successful young entrepreneurs sharing their journey and you will be able to ask them questions.

We will give you time for interacting with each other, create new connections, and contribute and learn from your peers.

At the end of the workshop:  

  • You will have a work life balance that you custom make.
  • A new set of skills that will empower you leaving you satisfied and invigorated.
  • New social networks.

EVENT BAG – Yes you will receive a Goodie bag with some great offers and stuff to take away. Valued at over $500

The Time Ownership Workshop is evolutionary – you will alter the way you view what you spend your time doing and how you interact with others, especially how you deal with people and activities that interrupt you.

You will experience getting things done, having peace of mind and an increased level of self esteem.

You will have a sense of pride in what you are accomplishing and your friends and colleges  will be in awe of how you are doing it all,  and your competitors will be left wondering what your secret is.