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Master your Life, conquer your Future… 

What would it be like for you and your business if everyone’s productivity was so high that it impacted the bottom line performance of the company and at the same time each person was happy and satisfied?

Preview the benefits of attending the Life Ownership Workshop and get valuable insights into the way you can have time ownership. – 6pm Sydney Time – 8pm New Zealand Time

Imagine that:

  • Understand TIME, RESULTS and LIFE
  • Every single person in the business stopped chasing time – that you never again have to listen to the excuse of;
    • “I run out of time”
    • “I had too many other interruptions”
    • “I was too busy to take care of that customer”. 
  • All your staff went home each day satisfied and proud, not worried about work? 
  • All your customers are followed up on time?

There is no question that the overall performance and growth of the business would follow. This is exactly what this workshop is all about.

These days we are expected to keep pace with an ever expanding “To Do list” and yet no extra time to be able to do everything,

And, often wake up feeling unrested with another day and more demands coming our way before we have even gotten out of bed……..

In this webinar we look at:

  • Insights into how Simple Daily Methods of operating in your workplace that give you back OWNERSHIP of your time and OWNERSHIP of your life. 
  • How Good Old Fashioned practices can help you to get on top of managing our lives for the 21st century in a fun yet very effective manner.  
  • Why you never get on top of it all. 

“Thanks for the Time Ownership workshop, Michelle. I came away thinking “that was useful”, but in practice, it’s been way more than that. The discipline of your approach has had me schedule important business growth activities that I’d been neglecting for a long time, and for the first time in years my calendar is filling up with new-business meetings. Where before I was wondering where new business would come from, I’m now dealing with where I’ll find the time for the new-business opportunities I’m creating.”
Ken Grace – Book Publisher, Auckland

Meet Presenter: Michelle Cullen

Every now and then we get the opportunity to take stock and look at what is important to us. In approaching my 55th Birthday I have come to recognize that being of service to the business community and those willing to take the leap into Self Employment, and other performance driven careers is still where my heart is. 

Companies like Landmark and 2WORKsmart while very different in their product ranges, both offer people the opportunity of self-development – Landmark through there Transformational courses and 2WORKsmart in the direct development of the Entrepreneurial capacity of individuals and companies.

In joining forces with 2WORKsmart I am able to bring together all the training and development skills, and business experience I have built up over nearly 40 year and pass them on to the next generation through a series of Entrepreneurial Workshops and Business Development Programmes. 


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