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We can tell you where your TIME has gone 

“What would it be like for you and your business ifmichelle everyone’s productivity was so high that it impacted the bottom line performance of the company, and at the same time each person was happy and satisfied?”

Imagine that:

Every single person in the business stopped chasing time – that you never again have to listen to the excuse of;

“I run out of time”

“I had too many other interruptions”

“I was too busy to take care of that customer”.

All your customers are followed up on time?

All your staff went home each day satisfied and proud, not worried about work?

There is no question that the overall performance and growth of the business would follow. This is exactly what this workshop is all about.

These days we are expected to keep pace with an ever expanding “To Do list” and yet no extra time to be able to do everything,

And, often wake up feeling unrested with another day and more demands coming our way before we have even gotten out of bed……..


This workshop offers:

Simple Daily Methods of operating in your workplace that give you back OWNERSHIP of your time and OWNERSHIP of your life.

This is a hands on workshop where we present new concepts that reflect how to get on top of managing our lives for the 21st century, together with some good old fashioned practices presented in a fun yet very effective manner.

A blueprint for the consolidation and expansion of your business and best of all, the promise of a work life balance that is right for you, your family and your business.

Some of what happens during the workshop is:

  • Each person does a mind map of everything they have to do in each area of their lives.idea-266x2661-580x482
    • We then take each item and train you in how to
    • Create your diary in a way that is revolutionary, impacts your levels of productivity and elevates performance.

At the end of the workshop:  

  • You will have a work life balance that you custom make.
  • Every item is set out in a way that is empowering, leaving you satisfied and invigorated.
  • You will sleep well at night knowing everything is being attended to in the appropriate timeframe.
  • You will command time versus “Chase time” – time will work for you, your family and your business.


Your level of satisfaction and success will leave your competitors wanting to know your secret.