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What does Business have to do with the Universe !

We do business based on the agreement of others to Buy and Sell, Grow and Make, Educate and Deliver. With everyone it’s about the TRUTH of something that makes us decide on the value.

When you ask for a price, you will compare it to other prices for similar or same Product or Service. That Price is what we think it’s worth and what others have paid in the past.

If an Entrepreneur looks at a Product or Service it’s usually to decide on if it’s worth doing it SMARTER to and or add value and make the sale.

When you get asked about the Universe what do you SAY !

For most people I would guess that they could describe it as the vast expanse that surrounds the Earth, or it’s the space we see when we look out at the sky.

Some would even give you a more precise answer, ” The Universe is all of time and space and its contents.”

So we could agree that when most people “SAY” it’s “THIS” we have an agreement to call it “THIS” ! or maybe NOT.  – John Graumans.

When are we willing to believe others, accept their point of view , It’s called “A UNIVERSAL TRUTH”.

Join our TEAM and find out with us what is a “UNIVERSAL TRUTH”. When does it apply to you, and when does it apply to everyone except you.

Consider this: “The Earth is Flat” or “The Earth is Round” – What is the impact of the “UNIVERSAL TRUTH”

Who decides.

In BUSINESS we are impacted daily by the “UNIVERSAL TRUTH” held by others, how can you recognise it and manage the impact.

Many years since, in a meeting with Senior executives it was stated that the competition from another company was based on the fact they 

Dark chalkboard with a web design illustration.had been in business for 33 years, that they had more clients and more capital, therefore it would be a mistake to challenge their current product offering as this company did not have the resources to compete and win. The CEO claimed to know this as a FACT, and proceeded to instruct the board and senior management to fly under the radar and come up with an Offer to clients who did not currently do Business with this company. “Find others and people who did not or had not used them”, this was his “UNIVERSAL TRUTH”.

Within 3 years the plan had failed, they lost market share to others and closed their doors. The major competitor traded on and within 2 years also closed as a third player in the market won most of their clients and also those of the company that would not take on the larger challenge. Hence making the CEO’s “Universal Truth” 


completely incorrect.

Listen to our Experts ( over 25 years experience) highlight the “Universal Truth” in over 40 areas in Business that can make a large difference in how you proceed with you business venture.

Access Knowledge, Facts and Insights.

 Get to understand subjects like “Web Design”, what really works, how it works and how to get the best value.

 Find out about the Q-factor and the ART of “Referral Marketing”

Get to Question the “Experts” on what you know and why you believe it’s the “TRUTH”

 Hear about the “Myths we seem to accept as the TRUTH”iStock_000023342912Small