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When you are a Coach in any walk of life, you are skilled in supporting the people in your care. So who is supporting you.


Firstly how do you set yourself up us a coach.

Secondly, when your coaching others – who coaches you?

If you are a coach and do not have a coach yourself – you are crazy!

How do expect to remain at the top of your game week in and week out dealing with different clients and all their needs and challenges if you a) don’t empty your own mind from all that you take onboard from others, ensuring you stay fresh and unbiased and b) do not continue to be challenged by your own coach?

Many people coach others, but who coaches the coaches?

What does it take to coach someone else who is a coach?

How do you evoke another to develop high performance in others?

Its one thing to be a coach… it is something entirely different to coach someone to be the coach of the coach!!

Our world class programme is designed to coach you to be a coach, and then go on to develop yourself as a coach of coaches!

Imagine having a  Coaching for Coaches business.

Our senior coach has over 20 years of expert experience in coaching others to go out and coach, this is much more than setting yourself up as a business coach.  This is about developing a capacity to coach other coaches.

As we look forward to 2020 this is the new tier level in business coaching practice.

You want clients who will pay you to coach them.  What coaching have you had to be able to offer this service?

Are you being professionally coached or do you think as a coach you do not need it?

Business and life coaches who think they do not need a professional development coach themselves are arrogant and lack a responsibility of care to their clients to remain relevant and fresh.

Some business and life coaches have fallen into the trap of not having a professional coach themselves.

The questions for these coaches are

How can you expect to stay fresh if you do not have anywhere to off load  all the “Stuff” that you take on board from your clients?

How do you expect to stay relevant if you are not seeking coaching yourself?

How do you keep yourself at peak performance without a coach?  No one – even the highest sporting professionals in the world would dream of trying to go it alone and remain at the top of their game, so why are business and life coaches doing this?

If you are a serious coach and committed to a long term relationship to the industry and your clients, you can not go past the professional team lead by world re-known Michelle Cullen, who has trained some of the leading trainers and coaches in the world.

A day spent with Michelle setting your self up to 

Business and life coaching is one of the most unregulated industries in modern business. Yet this industry is necessary in the same way the coaching in the professional sporting arena is necessary.  For an athlete to stay on top they all have a professional coach.  

It is time for business to mature to the same level.  For a high performance business professional to remain at the top of their game a coach is no longer a luxury or even worse an indulgence, but an essential part of the team.

This is true especially within the business coaching arena.  Just look at how many people calling themselves professional business or life coaches that do not subscribe to some coaching themselves and yet expect to be paid by their clients!!

Michelle Cullen built Executive Listening for the purpose of giving high performing and public profile people a platform in which to off load all that they carry around from others, in a confidential and respectful manner.  This platform also offers High Performance Business and Life Coaching.

2WORKsmart coaching programme is headed up by Michelle Cullen –  Michelle has an enviable track record in producing exceptional results for senior business professionals  and companies she has coached over the 35 years she has been in the coaching environment.

Michelle’s clients have gone on to be world leaders in their field of expertise.  

Michelle has mastered what is takes to train others to both produce the results they want and advancing into someone who has mastered the art of coaching others to produce the results through the efforts of others.

This multi tiered training and coaching environment allows for people  to build a significant coaching business.

People who are serious about a career in the coaching space should speak to Michelle and her team.

If you are serious about a longevity coaching practice, then, like any professonal staying on top of your game is essential to knowing you are giving your clients the best possible service.

We offer a 1 day workshop and follow-up programme that will have you being supported and provide the outlet for all the issues that can come up in the role you hold.

Our team is lead by Michelle Cullen (25 years in communications and are the developer of the Executive Listening programs) will bring time, resources and tools to the role you have.