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A BUSINESSbuilders Program.

Hosted by John Graumans.

Over the course of this workshop you will discover the power of the Mind Mapping tool,and be able to implement a process and manage templates. We offer over 25 year of business experience and 3500 plus successful business outcomes that have been influenced by the Mind Mapping technology.


You should expect to see what is possible sooner, get the details faster, learn more in a quicker way. Yes this methodology is very much about speed, with out loosing any of the quality of the exercise.
You will see and observe what is there with out studying the content in a list. Less reading more brainstorming.

Brainstorm Technology

  • Have you ever studied a subject or brainstormed an idea, only to find yourself with pages of information, but no clear view of how it fits together.
  • Mind Mapping is a useful technique that helps you learn more effectively, improves the way that you record information, and supports and enhances creative problem solving.
  • By using Mind Maps, you can quickly identify and understand the structure of a subject. You can see the way that pieces of information fit together, as well as recording the raw facts contained in normal notes.
  • More than this, Mind Maps help you remember information, as they hold it in a format that your mind finds easy to recall and quick to review.

Thinking with out Thinking

  • We consider that our brains are very good at what we need, however they mislead us all the time.
  • It has been more effective to just grab what pop’s into your mind then to think about it and look for a more informed solution.

Process Planning Technology

  • Getting all the information before you work out what and where it goes.
  • Develop the almost logical flow of events.
  • Consider the overall picture to aid in getting the task’s required.

Business modeling

  • Every business venture needs a plan.
  • Getting all the elements for the vision.
  • Identifying what you are considering.

Business Visions

  • The BIg Picture.
  • Everything in one place.
  • Plotting the realisable future.


Lesson 1: Introduction to the functions

Lesson 2: Basic Mapping in Business

Lesson 3: Advanced Mapping for Consulting

Registrations are limited and you can not repeat any lesson with out a suitable promotional code or advanced payment under the Terms of Trade.



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