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We offer you a One on One coaching call on a regular time-frame. We coach you in the practical day to day running of your business, including looking at the future impacts of your decisions and planning. Guiding you to successful outcomes.

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It would appear that no matter how successful you are in your life over 95% of us feel as if we are not on top of  things. AND, certainly not on top of everything.

The good old saying of ” if you fail to plan you plan to fail is irritating, and it has a ring of truth to it.

Many people have done time management courses, motivational courses and goal setting courses all of which have their uses. Most of these concepts and materials were written in the middle of last century and as good they are, they are no longer sufficient for today’s living, world, expectations we place upon ourselves and the demands from others.

It is time to Own your Life – Own your time rather than being at the beck and call of your calendar or other people’s demands.

Life Ownership offers 3 workshops, each one designed to deliver results that put you back in control of your day, and your life.

Life Ownership

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Results Ownership

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Time Ownership

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MASTER YOUR LIFE   –  conquer your Future

This workshop combines the very best of what strategic planning, goal setting and time management has to offer as you deal with what it takes to have a work life balance that includes all the things you would like to accomplish across the spectrum of your life.

This 12 month programme commences with  a 5 day residential workshop and is not for the faint heart’d nor the lazy. This is like boot camp with follow up coaching that only those truly interested in being at the top of their game take on – much like a top performing sporting professional.

You walk away from the workshop with a blue print, and a dedicated coach who’s job it is to ensure your success.


MASTER YOUR RESULTS   –  conquer your Performance

This workshop offers the  most effective way of dealing with the day to day activities required  to maintain your business together with the simplest way of reading the numbers so that you know exactly where to focus your energies and the energies of those around to you to grow your company, enterprise, community projects or simply get the job done.


MASTER YOUR DAY  conquer your life

Deals with the demands of the internet, your inbox, other social media, the world of 7 day trading and all the demands that go along with being a 21st century manager, executive, business owner and parent, including the community support and family activities you’re engaged in.
Follow up coaching to support you in the implementation is also included in the package.



  • Identifying Your Personal Strengths
  • Being a Leader – Workshop & Toolbox
  • Management skills for Team
  • High Performance – High Impact Results
  • Creating and Maintaining High Performing Teams
  • Training the Trainer for a Team

Topics include…

So that you can understand more about your behaviour and that of your team, this workshop provides a comprehensive look at what motivates people:

  • Understand the importance of productive relationships
  • Know how to build a positive working environment
  • Identify your strengths and how to use them
  • Appreciate the strengths of others and how they use them
  • Understand how you work with others and what motivates you
  • Learn about the kinds of working relationships you find satisfying
  •  Understand conflict – how it happens and how to deal with it
  • Recognise the impact of your response on the impression you have on others
  • Identifying Your Leadership – People Skills
  • Being a Manager – Workshop & Toolbox
  • Leadership skills for Leaders
  • Getting the development tools for Leaders
  • Creating and Maintaining a Leadership Plan
  • Leaders that support Leaders Workshop

Topics include…

So that you can fully explore the people-side of leadership, this course offers a comprehensive look at how to emotionally connect with those around you and achieve more in your organisation. It also includes best practice from today’s high achievers:

  • Vision – the power of mutual objectives
  • Integrity – the ethical imperative of leadership
  • Passion – building ‘hot’ teams
  • Curiosity – searching for improvement
  • Daring – the art of risk taking
  • Empathetic and intuitive leadership
  • Mentoring, coaching and motivating
  • Managing conflict and stress
  • Communication skills: verbal, written and body language


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