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Outsourcing Locally vs. Overseas

By | 2017-07-18T12:35:08+00:00 October 22nd, 2016|Business, Creative, Design|

The main point in Outsourcing is to lower your cost, this can be easily achieved with the use of lower paid people in a foreign country. This makes sense, get the work done and pay less... Or do you. As we have discovered from many blogs that discuss "Local and Overseas" there are many plus's [...]


By | 2017-07-18T12:35:08+00:00 October 21st, 2016|Business|

Instagram is commonly mistaken as a social media platform where teens post pictures of their photogenic lunches & fancy coffee but it is so much more. As a user of Instagram myself I have found so much happiness and enjoyment in sharing my photos with others and receiving feedback from my followers. I spent 2 [...]

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